Technical Dive Sites in Malta

The Maltese Islands have some of the best technical dive sites in the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for historical or barely discovered wrecks, caves, or the most extreme depths – there is a dive site in Malta for technical divers of all levels of experience.

With cooperation of Heritage Malta, every year we will have new wreck coordinates released, new places to dive!

Malta’s Historical wrecks

The most interesting technical dive sites in Malta are naturally the WWI and WWII shipwrecks. These wrecks have significant historical value therefore they are under protection of Heritage Malta. To visit them special permit applies, and only specific boats and dive centers can organize dives on them. Naturally Dive Systems Malta has all necessary licenses to go and see these amazing pieces of history. Because of their depth, You will need Normoxic or Hypoxic Trimix training to visit them.

Dive SiteTypeMaximum DepthIslandBoat ride type
Ju88Aeroplane55 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
Liberator B-24 BomberAeroplane56 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
Le PolynesienPassenger ship65 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
HMS NasturtiumArabis class sloop warship67 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info
HMS Southwold bowHunt Class Destroyer67 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
Schnellboot S-31German motor torpedo boat68 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
SwordfishAeroplane65 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
SpitfireAeroplane70 metersGozoBoat short distanceMore info
Maryland BomberAeroplane72 metersMaltaBoat short distance
HMS Southwold stern Hunt Class Destroyer75 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
Trusty StarMinesweeper85 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
SS LucistonBritish Collier95 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info
Douglas A-1 SkyraiderAeroplane96 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info
ORP Kujawiak (L72)Hunt Class Destroyer98 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info
JU88 SouthAeroplane106 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info
HMS RussellDuncan class battleship110 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
HMS UrgeSubmarine110 metersMaltaBoat short distanceMore info
HMS OlympusSubmarine115 metersMaltaBoat long distanceMore info

Malta’s Technical Wrecks

These wrecks are diveable without Heritage Malta permit, so no extra supplement needed. Some are artificial, some are historical. For more information please click on “More info”.

Dive SiteTypeMaximum DepthIslandBoat or Shore
Tug Boat Rozi (Cirkewwa)Tug boat34 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Um El Faroud (Wied iz-Zurrieq)Tanker34 metersMaltaShoreMore info
P29 Patrol Boat (Cirkewwa)Minesweeper34 metersMaltaShoreMore info
Bristol Blenheim BomberAeroplane42 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
MV Imperial EagleGozo Ferry42 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
MV Xlendi (Ghajnsielem)Gozo Ferry42 metersGozoShoreMore info
MV Karwela Gozo ferry45 metersGozoShoreMore info
MV CominolandGozo ferry45 metersGozoShoreMore info
HMS HellespontPaddle steamer45 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
HMS StubbornSubmarine56 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
Levant IICable Layer59 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
AnadrianGrab Dredger67 metersMaltaBoat short distance
Captain Morgan Small WorldPassenger ship103 metersMaltaBoat Long distanceMore info
HMS St AngeloTugboat/Minesweeper 55 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info
HM Drifter EddyDrifter55 metersMaltaBoat Short distanceMore info

Malta’s Technical Reef Dive Sites

Steep walls, caves, caverns are waiting for you. As an option, you can take a DPV to discover the site thoroughly.

Dive SiteTypeMaximum DepthIslandBoat or Shore
Billinghurst CaveReef25 -55 metersGozoShore or BoatMore info
Fungus RockReef40 metersGozoBoatMore info
Qammieh Point (Devil's Reef)Reef50 metersMaltaBoatMore info
Lantern PointReef50 metersCominoBoatMore info
Filfla IslandReef50 metersFilfla (from Malta)BoatMore info
Ta' Cenc ReefReef40 metersGozoBoatMore info
Double ArchReef55 metersGozoShore or BoatMore info
Inland Sea & TunnelReef55 metersGozoShoreMore info
Wied ir-RahebReef60 metersGozoBoatMore info
San Dimitri PointReef60 metersGozoBoatMore info
Blue Hole & Azure WindowReef60-80 metersGozoShoreMore info
Fessej Rock Reef65 metersGozoBoatMore info
Reqqa Point Reef70+ metersGozoShoreMore info
Ras il-HobzReef100 metersGozoShoreMore info