Billinghurst Cave Dive Site

Looking for a thrilling dive experience in Malta and Gozo? Billinghurst Cave Dive Site is one that experienced divers should not miss. This dive spot can be found near Reqqa Point on the Northern coast of Gozo, just a bit further to the corner. Once you’ve arrived, take note that the entry and exit point is located above the cave entrance and has a ladder to aid you in case you need to climb up or down.

It is crucial to check the weather conditions before diving, especially if there is any swell, as it can make the exit difficult. Inside Billinghurst Cave, you can enjoy a beautiful sight of the cave’s intricate tunnels and chambers while observing the exit point from almost every angle except when you reach the end.

Safety First

For safety purposes, cave divers typically place a line for training, making it easier for other divers to follow and exit safely. Breathing from the air inside Billinghurst Cave is not advisable since there is no connection to the outside.
Bear in mind that the cave is an overhead environment, and it is crucial to carry a sufficient amount of gas to exit safely. Outside the cave, you will find a sloping bottom where you can explore down to 45m-50m in relatively quick succession.
As you exit yourself from the dive, remember the entry and exit point is the same. Keep in mind that a minimum level of Tec 40 or TDI Advanced Nitrox diver is required to take on this exciting dive.
Overall, Billinghurst Cave Dive Site offers a challenging experience that seasoned divers will adore. When diving in Malta and Gozo, this is one spot that should not be missed while enjoying your diving adventure.

For Billinghurst Cave Dive Site

– A ladder helps you enter and exit above its entrance.
– Always check weather conditions to ensure a safe dive.
– The cave has easy visibility for the exit point.
– Divers often place a line in the cave for training.
– Carry enough gas as it’s an overhead environment.
– The sloping bottom outside has 45-50 m depth.
– TDI Advanced Nitrox diver or minimum level Tec 40 required.

Billinghurst Cave Dive Site in Malta