Recreational Guided Diving

Join our experienced instructors and see some of the best dive sites in the Mediterranean around Malta, Gozo, Comino and Filfla. (Filfla is a protected area which requires special permission).

Diving in Malta is very easy as most dives are easily accessible from shore, with depths which cater for all levels of experience. We also offer an array of boat dive sites. Dive Systems also has safe storage facilities for all your equipment while you dive with us.

Recreational Guided Diving with Dive Systems Malta

Explore the wonders of Malta’s underwater world with our recreational guided diving trips. Dive Systems Malta offers weekly excursions to Gozo, Comino, and the best dive sites around Malta. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner, our guided dives promise thrilling and safe adventures.

Dive into the Blue Hole and Inland Sea in Gozo

Join us on a weekly trip to Gozo to dive the iconic Blue Hole and Inland Sea. These sites are famous for their breathtaking underwater landscapes and vibrant marine life. The Blue Hole in Gozo offers a unique diving experience with its stunning rock formations and clear waters. Just a short swim away, the Inland Sea provides a mesmerizing underwater tunnel and diverse marine species. These spots are must-visits for anyone diving in Malta.

Explore the Karwela and Cominoland Wrecks

Gozo is not only home to natural wonders but also fascinating shipwrecks. Dive into the depths and explore the Karwela and Cominoland wrecks. These sunken ships are teeming with marine life and are perfect for underwater photography. The Karwela wreck features an impressive staircase and open decks, while the Cominoland wreck is known for its intriguing structure and history. Our guided dives ensure you experience these wrecks safely and enjoyably.

Boat Dives to Comino

For a change of scenery, join us for a boat day to Comino. Dive the famous P31 Patrol Boat wreck, which is a favourite among divers for its accessibility and abundant sea life. Lantern Point and Santa Maria Caves offer equally exciting underwater adventures with their intricate rock formations and clear waters. These dives showcase the best of what scuba diving in Malta has to offer.

Regular Dives at Um El Faround and Cirkewwara Marine Park

During the summer months, we have regular dives to Um El Faround and Cirkewwara Marine Park. The Um El Faround wreck is a large oil tanker, now an artificial reef, attracting a variety of marine species. Cirkewwara Marine Park is a diver’s paradise with its rich biodiversity and well-preserved wrecks.

Join Us for Unforgettable Diving Experiences

Dive Systems Malta is dedicated to providing exceptional diving experiences. Our knowledgeable guides ensure your safety and enjoyment on every dive. Discover the underwater treasures of Malta, Gozo, and Comino with us. Book your recreational guided diving trip today and explore the best diving sites Malta has to offer.

Why Choose Dive Systems Malta?

Dive Systems Malta offers expert-guided dives to the top diving spots around Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Our experienced guides, well-maintained equipment, and safety-first approach ensure you have a memorable and secure diving experience. Whether you’re interested in exploring wrecks, underwater caves, or marine parks, we have the perfect dive trip for you. Dive with us and experience the best of scuba diving in Malta.

Recreational Guided Diving

1 Accompanied Dive

55.0065.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

2 Accompanied Dives

108.00128.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

4 Accompanied Dives

212.00252.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

6 Accompanied Dives

312.00372.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

8 Accompanied Dives

408.00468.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

10 Accompanied Dives

429.00499.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

14 Accompanied Dives

658.00728.00 inc. VAT

Recreational Guided Diving

20 Accompanied Dives

900.001,000.00 inc. VAT

Accompanied Dive Packages

Base prices are for recreational accompanied shore dives in Malta and include road transport, dive guide, tanks and weights. Prices do not include full kit or other supplements.

If you are interested in a full diving holiday package including accommodation and airport transfers, see our latest offers.

We also organise special Wreck Weeks, where we take you around to the best shipwrecks around!

Why Dive With Dive Systems?

For more than 40 years, Dive Systems has been at the forefront of diving in Malta with a mix of fun, safety and excellent diving.