Blue Hole - The Fallen Azure Window

The famous Blue Hole is among the best 10 dives in Europe. The site is situated next to the fallen Azure Window in Dwejra, the west coast of Gozo

The deep blue water here provides the perfect environment for many types of fish and other marine life. The Blue Hole is really a cave without a roof, but the underwater surroundings and light falling through the water are beautiful.

Although the site reaches a maximum depth of around 60+ meters. At these secret deep walls you can find lobsters, big groupers and morays. The fallen window created huge boulders where many swimthroughs creates a playground for divers. For recreational divers here is a great opportunity to discover fish life is between 10-30 meters, so any type of diver will have a super time. On our way back, we can visit a big cave, right underneath the hole, depending on remaining air and dive qualifications.

The entrance is a bit strenuous for technical divers. You can access this area from Inland Sea or from boat.