The Blue Hole Gozo

For scuba divers, the Blue Hole Gozo is a must-visit site. Rated as one of the Top Ten Dives in Europe, attracting divers from all over the world.
Situated adjacent to the collapsed Azure Window in Dwejra, the west coast of Gozo, the location is one of the top 10 dives in Europe. The crystal-clear, deep blue waters of the Blue Hole provide the ideal environment for a diverse variety of fish and other marine life. The Blue Hole is essentially a cave with no roof, but the underwater landscape and the light passing through the water create a beautiful view for the divers. 
The site offers a maximum depth of 60+ meters and is home to lobsters, big groupers, and morays along its secret deep walls. The collapsed window resulted in massive boulders, and the swim-throughs between them create an exciting playground for divers. The Blue Hole caters to divers of all levels, from Open Water divers to Advanced divers, however the fish life is concentrated in the 10-30 meters range. 
For a spectacular diving experience, consider adding the Blue Hole Gozo to your list of must-visit locations in Malta for scuba diving. On the way back, you might get a chance to explore a large cave directly underneath the hole, depending on your remaining air and dive qualifications. For technical divers, the entrance can be strenuous, but the site is accessible from Inland Sea or by boat. 
Don’t miss the chance to explore this exciting dive location in person. So, while planning your Malta scuba diving trip, make sure to include the blue hole Gozo, an adventure that you will remember for life.
Blue Hole Gozo