The Inland Sea - Dwejra, Gozo

Inland Sea is just behind the church in Dwejra, where is a small natural pond of around 60 meters diameter. The entrance area is shallow but once you reach the natural tunnel which leads to the sea, you have the opportunity to descend further.

The first thing you will notice is the beautiful light and dramatically shaped walls. The tunnel has a maximum depth of around 25 meters and offers ample opportunities for dramatic pictures. Once outside the tunnel, you can discover the outside walls. Descend further up to your limit, you might find lobsters and groupers hiding at depth.

Technical divers can get to 55 m here easily. It is a popular site due to the easy entry- exit point. Here you don’t need to walk long with your equipment. In depth you can spot lobsters and bigger groupers. With an about 20 min swim you can reach the point where the Azure Window fell. Make your way up through the nice swim throughs and you can clean your deco on the way back to the tunnel.

Look out for schools of barracuda and amberjacks passing by. We return through the tunnel and ascend in the pond. As the area is subject to heavy boat traffic in the summer, so we usually surface just outside the tunnel and swim the final meters at the surface.

To visit this site you need to be Advanced Open Water, and have good buoyancy control.

Any level of technical divers can find interesting parts here. Try out one of our DPVs, to reach the caverns on the other side of the tunnel!