Cathedral Cave/Blue Dome

Cathedral Cave is located between Reqqa Point and Forna Point on the north coast of Gozo. Ghasri Valley is a spectacular deep cut which widens as it reaches the sea. This dive is ideal for all levels of divers. It commences on a shingle beach where the water is shallow but becomes deeper to a maximum depth of 30 meters. Anemones and algaes are covering the seabed and the large boulders, sea urchins and starfish are common. You can also find sea damselfish, seabreams, and scorpionfish and might even come across a seahorse.

The cave itself is only 5 meters below surface and leads through a domed vault, where you can surface and breathe freely. The most impressive part is the view to the outside ocean and the dome. Towards the end of the valley, at approximately 20 meters, you can find octopus and groupers.

Outside of Cathedral cave just continue your dive, pick any depth up to 30 m. You will find a sloping bottom, where you can just go slowly and look out for marine life.

Dive is available from Advanced Open water onward