MV Xlendi (Ghajnsielem)

MV Xlendi served as a train ferry from 1955. It weighs 1123 gross tones and is 80 meters long, with a beam of 12 meters & 23 meters overall height. She has 2 doors and 2 propellers, worked as a roll on roll off ferry. You can see the same structure in the present ferries serving between Malta and Gozo. Maximum depth is 43 meters next to the wreck.

Location is the same as for Karwela and Cominoland, southwest of Gozo.

Wreck History:

The vessel was bought by Gozo Channel in February 1990 for Lm327,000. The Xlendi was meant to serve as a cargo carrier between Malta and Gozo, augmenting the service provided by the old MV Ghawdex. Then the Gozo Tourism Association took her over in order to scuttle as an attraction for divers after it had finished operating in 1997. After a lengthy process to obtain a permit to sink her off Xatt L-Ahmar, on 12 November 1999, MV Xlendi finally was laid to rest on the seabed. During the process she has flipped over and landed upside down on the sandy seabed. Therefore it is silty and now unstable inside.

WARNING: The Wreck of the Xlendi can be a death trap if one tries to penetrate it. It is strongly advised NOT TO PENETRATE the wreck whatsoever.

Necessary qualifications are Deep Diver certification for recreational divers, Decompression Procedures for technical divers.