Wied ir Raheb - West Malta

Wied ir-Raheb is a headland jutting out on the west point of the main island of Malta. This site can only be seen as a boat dive. Anchoring at the point is very difficult. There is only a very small shelf that is about 20 above the cliffs which plunge vertically to a depth of 70 meters or more. The boat should drop off the divers close to the cliff on top of this shallow shelf and you can choose your depth for the dive. Fish life here consists of all sorts – grouper, bream, brown meagres and various wrasse and parrotfish, that all roam the wall. If you want, you can keep following the wall to the west until you enter Fomm ir-Rih Bay where you’ll find yourself in up to 20 meters of water.

There is a nice cave that is visible from the surface and exploring this is an experience.

Note that this dive is only suitable for the experienced, and should be planned with great care for safety. The sheer cliff face can be disorientating due to the clarity and deep blue of the water.

Minimum Advanced Open Water diver certification is necessary.

Technical divers can descend up to Hypoxic Trimix depths here.