Fungus Rock dive site

Diving at Fungus Rock Dive Site, located in Dwejra on the west coast of Gozo, offers a spectacular experience to diving enthusiasts. This enormous boulder provides shelter to boats, which makes for easily accessible diving. The site offers jagged cliffs, arches, and passageways that are waiting to be explored. With the reef dropping beyond 60 meters at some points, divers are open to witnessing a diverse range of marine life, including larger groupers and lobsters.

As you delve deeper and cruise around the rock, divers experience the awe-inspiring beauty that Fungus Rock Dive Site has to offer. The amazing scenery makes for a memorable dive experience that is not easily replicated. Furthermore, with clear water and favourable visibility, divers can truly appreciate the beauty of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.

After a memorable dive around Fungus Rock, you can also visit a cave located at 14 metres that extends further in. This is an exciting adventure that completes an unforgettable diving experience. The cave offers an open invitation to explore and, at the same time, presents divers with a different diving experience.

Fungus Rock offers delightful surprises to any diving enthusiast, ranging from marine life to incredible scenery, and its location is convenient for accessing the site. If you’re planning your next diving trip, Fungus Rock Dive Site is an ideal location that caters to all levels of diving expertise. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this enchanting Malta diving site on your next diving adventure.

Divers in any level can find interesting part here from Advanced Open Water to Trimix diver

Fungus Rock