Qammieh Point - Devil's Reef

Qammieh Point is an exciting dive. If you swim out southwest from the Point, you come to a vertical drop. This takes you to a depth of 50 meters, which again slopes off to very deep water.

An old cave shows signs of stalactites on the southern side of the wall. This site is very popular for sightings of predatory fish such as barracuda, dentex and amberjack.

A number of caves and caverns are located in the area but extreme caution is necessary when entering as visibility can deteriorate very rapidly due to silt being kicked up by fins.

If you are lucky, manta rays are sometimes seen in the area swimming in the blue water, as are amberjacks and dentex likely to be seen roaming in the area. A large grappling anchor is also found embedded in the area below the drop off.

Recommended minimum level for Qammieh point is Tec 45 or Deco Procedures

To reach the place you will need a boat.