Lantern Point - Comino

Lantern Point is at the south west point of Comino island. This site offers an interesting mix of life, drop offs, swim-throughs and also large boulders all at one go. The site got its name from the little light post, which warns mariners about the shallow rocks.

The ‘Chimney’ is the center piece in which an ‘L’ Shaped tunnel takes you from 6 to 18 m deep. Continue to a lower shelve on the reef. A bit further find a passage under large boulder which leads you over 30 meters deep.

If you keep going deeper and keep to the right side, you can reach 50 m. There is a huge metal mooring ball on the bottom. Follow the reef to shallower waters, or go to the opposite side where a steep wall extends from the surface to the bottom. The steep wall is at the edge of the channel between Malta and Gozo. This channel creates a current that can be very strong at times.

The minimum level for recreational divers: Advanced Open Water . If you are technical diver, we recommend Tec 45 or TDI Decompression procedures courses in order to get the best out of this dive site.