The Tugboat Rozi is a 40 meter long tugboat which was scuttled as a tourist attraction in 1992. First Captain Morgan Cruises took visitors down to the wreck with a small yellow submarine. Then the wreck growth popularity between divers. She is located about 100 meters from the jetty and is still fully intact. (except for the engine and propellers which were removed before sinking). The wrecks sits in upright position on a sandy bottom, attracting numerous fish and divers alike.

Wreck History:

The tugboat Rozi has been built in Bristol, England in 1958 by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd. for Johnston Warren Lines Ltd. of Liverpool, the ship was originally launched as the Rossmore. In 1969, it was sold to Rea Towing Co. Liverpool and renamed Rossgarth. In 1972, she was sold to the Mifsud Brothers of Malta Ship Towage Ltd and in 1973 she arrived in Malta. In 1981, she was sold to Tug Malta and renamed Rozi. The Rozi operated in the Grand Harbor of Valletta until 1992, when it was sold to Captain Morgan Cruises.

This is not a very difficult dive, but because of her depth, you need to be Advanced Open Water diver or above to visit it.