Fessej Rock -Gozo

Fessej Rock is a boat dive for two reasons: the first that you would have to cross private property to get to Ta’ Cenc beach, and the second that even if you get permission, it is a long snorkel out to the rock.

This free standing rock just outside the mouth of the creek, which presents an interesting dive at various depths. Around the rock, you will find depths of around 40 meters with the shallowest rising to 15 meters. Drop your anchor on the western side of this rock, which is the shallow part.

Swimming out at the southern part of the boulder, you will reach 60 m relatively easily. Pay attention, don’t lose orientation on the way back and miss the rock. 🙂

If you don’t plan to go so deep, dive in and do the whole circumference of Fessej rock. It will be a good idea to start the dive in an anti-clockwise direction. This leads the dive to the deeper side of the rock where large fish like grouper, bream and free swimming fish can be sighted. The dive will gradually get and the scenery changes with more light, revealing colorful overhangs and a lot of crevices which are home to small fish and octopus.

This place is close to Mgarr ix-Xini, therefore we usually do our second dive there.