Fessej Rock -Gozo

Fessej Rock in Gozo is an exceptional dive site that promises a thrilling experience for adventurous divers. It is only accessible by boat, and not on foot since the Ta’ Cenc beach is a private property. Even with permission, it requires a lengthy snorkel that can drain your energy even before arriving at the rock.

However, once there, Fessej Rock’s diving experience is worth every effort it takes to get there. The towering, free-standing rock just outside the creek mouth offers an exciting dive at various depths. The shallowest areas rise to approximately 15 meters, while the deeper parts reach around 40 meters. It is advisable to drop your anchor on the western side of the rock, which is the shallower side.

Swimming out at the southern part of the boulder, you can attain a depth of up to 60 meters with relative ease. While you explore the rock, it is essential to be mindful of your orientation, particularly on the way back, to avoid missing the rock.

If you choose not to go too deep, diving in and circumnavigating Fessej rock is still an excellent option. We recommend starting the dive anti-clockwise, leading to the deeper side of the rock. Here, you can see big fish such as grouper, bream, and free-swimming fish among others. As the dive continues, more light reveals the colorful overhangs and crevices that are home to small fish and octopuses.

Overall, Fessej Rock in Gozo is a world-class diving site that’s worth every bit of the adventure it takes to get to. Its magnificent underwater landscape, combined with the diverse marine life, provides the ultimate diving experience for all skill levels. Get ready to capture unique and unforgettable diving experiences at Fessej Rock.

This place is close to Mgarr ix-Xini, therefore we usually do our second dive there.

Fessej Rock in Gozo