Ras il Hobz - Gozo

Ras il-Hobz is located south of Gozo. A single pinnacle which rises vertically out of the seabed just 12 meters off the headland. As it nears its summit at 11 meters, the rock splits into two and you can usually find lobsters, slipper lobsters and octopus in the fissure. Algae growth covers the rock, dotted with spiral tubeworms. Schools of chromis, bogue and smelt are found all around the rock, preyed upon by painted comber.

If you follow the pinnacle down on the southern side, you can easily reach depth. Therefore this is a popular site for technical courses such as trimix training. The reef drops till 80 meters, however with a little swim, you can also reach 100m.

Follow the pinnacle on the way up, or keep west a bit, then you end up in a nice bay. Here you can find a big plateou, which makes the decompression stops very easy.

Ras il Hobz is diveable with strong North West wind, makes it possible to finish your training if the wrecks are not diveable.