SS Luciston

SS Luciston (also known as Luciston Collier) is a World War I wreckage. The British steamer was built by J.L Thompson & Sons in Sunderland in 1980, measuring 100m in length and weighing 2,877 tonnes. Her primary role was to transport coal between ports and refuel coal-burning ships.

Towards the latter part of the First World War, SS Luciston departed the port of Cardiff and made her way to Malta carrying a supply of coal. However a torpedo hit her on her approach to Valletta by a German submarine.

The Dive

The wreckage was first discovered in the late 1990s. However only later surveyed in detail in 2015. You can find the wreck off the coast of the fishing village of Marsaxlokk at a depth of 90m. The wreckage is in a fragmented condition, but many of the ship’s main features are still visible. This includes the winch, the anchor, the ladder and the gun, which is still in place. Deposits of coal are also around the seabed.

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