Diving Filfa Island

Diving Filfla Island is a unique and unforgettable experience for both novice and experienced divers. The tiny, barren, uninhabited island is situated approximately 5 kilometers south of Malta, marking the southernmost point of the Maltese archipelago. According to legend, the name Filfla stems from the Arabic word for peppercorn, filfel.

Filfla measures only 6 hectares and features a flat-topped limestone plateau surrounded by 60-meter high cliffs that crumble away dramatically into the blue Mediterranean Sea. Until 1971, the British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force regularly practiced target shooting on the island. Since then, Filfla has been a wildlife reserve, and its access is governed by the The Filfla Natural Reserve Act 1988, which restricts access to educational and scientific purposes only.

Filfla’s drop-off reefs offer fans of deep blue water and marine predators a truly thrilling dive experience. Large predators, including barracudas and tunas, can frequently be found here. To enjoy this incredible diving experience, visitors must obtain prior permission from the ministry responsible for the environment, which includes recreational divers.

Please note that until 1990 fishing was prohibited within a nautical mile of the island due to the possibility of encountering unexploded ordnance. Sadly, fishing is allowed again, but with further restrictions. Be prepared to witness Filfla’s natural marine wonders by getting permission before venturing out to its awe-inspiring dive sites. Make sure you come prepared with proper diving equipment, and ready to experience a dive you’ll never forget. Once you get your permission,deeper zones of the Mediterranean Sea shall open up to you. So, are you ready to take the plunge?

To visit this little gem, you will need minimum Advanced Open Water certification