South Reef of Delimara Point

The Enchanting South Reef of Delimara Point – A Scuba Diver’s Haven

Exploring the underwater world is a dream come true for sea lovers, and the wonders of scuba diving in Malta are unparalleled. The island’s spectacular and diverse reefs, such as the South Reef of Delimara Point, attract divers from all around the world. The South Reef of Delimara Point offers a great diving experience, making it a popular site for scuba diving in Malta.

Discovering The Dive Site

The reef is located at the tip of the Delimara peninsula, just past Marsaxlokk. Marked by a small square rock, this diving area is accessible from shore, but we recommend a short boat ride to access the site with ease. The warm and clear Mediterranean waters make it an ideal location for diving throughout the year.
As you gaze into the crystal clear waters, the South Reef boasts a stunning and vibrant marine life that is sure to leave even the most seasoned divers in awe. The underwater reef begins at a depth of nine meters and gradually drops to twelve meters, leading to a staggering vertical cliff that extends down to 25 meters. The vertical structure of the cliff, which rises magnificently from the sea bottom, offers a wondrous submarine world waiting to be explored.

The Dive

The South Reef of Delimara Point has a diverse marine environment that caters to all levels of divers, whether you are an advanced or a beginner. The most notable feature of this reef would be its sizable boulders that are generously littered across the seabed. These boulders provide a perfect location for elusive groupers to hide amongst while awaiting their next prey.
As you venture beyond the boulders, you will find yourself surrounded by an array of marine animals. Stingrays gracefully glide over the vast sandy seabed, while schools of various fish and other marine creatures follow. The abundance of marine life in the South Reef of Delimara Point, combined with its vibrant coral formations, offers a dreamlike underwater experience for divers to relish.

Finding The Secret Spots

While exploring the site, divers typically come across a cave hidden away amongst boulders. The unique feature of this reef is a vertical tunnel leading back to the top of the reef. The tunnel’s structure allows divers to enjoy the breathtaking view of the reef in its entirety while ascending to the surface. This unique underwater feature provides a memorable experience, which is rarely found elsewhere.

Experience the Beauty of South Reef of Delimara Point with An Advanced Open Water Certification

To fully relish the dive site’s beauty, we recommend getting your Advanced Open Water Certification. This certification allows you to explore the reef’s wonders, from its magnificent walls and spacious caverns to the varied marine terrain that stimulates your senses.
In conclusion, the dive site is a must-visit site for anyone visiting Malta. The mysteries and wonders that are hidden beneath the crystal blue waters are simply unparalleled. With its diverse marine topography, abundant marine life, and unique underwater features, the South Reef of Delimara Point undoubtedly deserves a spot on your scuba diving bucket list.
South Reef of Delimara Point