Anchor bay or “Popeye Village” is a picturesque bay in the northwest Malta. Some years ago, this bay was used in the film “Popeye” starring Robin Williams. For the dive, we will follow a road down to the jetty.  From here you can see the village which is a theme park these days.

We will enter the water with a giant stride and follow along the left wall. This dive is a shallow one where you can enjoy the variety marine life along your way. We will reach a big cave at 10 meters depth where you can surface to enjoy the dome shaped ceiling. After leaving the cave, we will continue slightly further to see and swim through a small arch window before turning slowly back towards the bay again. In the vegetation and rock formations, you might come across octopus, small groupers, parrot fish and different kinds of rockfish.

Easily diveable for any level of divers, starting from Discover Scuba Divers. However entering the cave is only for certified divers. The scenery is very nice here, look out for baby barracudas at the outer end of the bay. Visit the huge anchor just opposite the jetty on your way back.