These tug boats are sheltered from the northwest winds, making it a very popular dive site during windy days. Before sinking these tugs, all visible hazards to divers has been removed, such as the glass, doors, hatches and opening up passageways so divers are less likely to get caught or trapped in any penetration into these small wrecks.

Wreck History:

The St. Michael wreck is a ‘Tanac’ type 20-meter long vessel, built in 1944 by a Canadian company. The smaller of the tug boats is a ‘Melita’ type 16-meter long vessel. Both served for many years towing numerous ships around Malta’s Grand Harbor. The tugs were laid up at Jetties Wharf and sunk at their mooring. The wrecks were donated and scuttled by Anthony Cassar of the Cassar Group.

They are available for Open Water divers