Santa Marija Caves

Santa Marija caves are located on nortwest coast of Comino, close to Santa Marija Bay. One can find a series of interconnecting grottoes and tunnels and abundant sea life. It is also a very popular site for fish feeding such as bream and chromis. But please remember if you take with you food to feed the fish in a plastic bag, please take it back up with you! The Santa Marija Caves lie adjacent to each other within an inlet (8-12 meters). The inlet is host to a large number of friendly sea breams (kahli). They are used to being fed by divers and will swarm on any tasty morsel offered.

To navigate the caves, it is a good idea to start with the left-most cave within the inlet. This cave connects to the adjacent grotto on the right.  In this cave, it is always possible to surface as it is open on the top but not available for boats. In every other part of the divesite be very careful with boat traffic.

After the first cave, go either through the entrance or the side passage on the right. The next cave, also semi submerged up to an extent, leads to a number of connecting passages all ultimately leading out to the open sea. Once the passages are explored and the clear open sea is reached, the area to the left of the exits may be explored (maximum depth approximately 20 meters). Prior to returning to the boat, pass through the caves or by circumnavigate the inlet.

This dive is available for Open Water divers and above.