Coral Gardens & Big Bear

Exploring the Stunning Coral Gardens & Big Bear While Scuba Diving in Gozo

Gozo, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a popular tourist destination for its sandy beaches and rich historical sites. However, it is also renowned for its remarkable scuba diving spots, including the beloved Coral Gardens & Big Bear. These sites are located on the west coast of Gozo, in the breathtaking area of Dwejra. In this article, we will dive into the details of what makes Coral Gardens & Big Bear a must-visit destination for Advanced Open Water divers..

An Astonishing Dive Site

Coral Gardens & Big Bear is a unique dive site that offers scuba divers stunning rock formations and breathtaking sea life. Starting with the dive, you will swim through the arch at the entry of the Blue Hole and head to your left until you reach a remarkable fissure. This near-vertical wall is incredibly narrow, measuring only one diver-wide, and extends downward from 23 meters to a ledge at 12 meters before widening to open up fully at around 6 meters.
The underwater world in Dwejra is a fascinating sight to behold. Swim ahead and towards the left to witness the limestone amphitheater forming the Coral Gardens area. This shallow section of the dive site has an exciting and dynamic mix of sea life, including fish, shallow coral formations, and a brilliant array of vibrant colors. The Coral Gardens is a spectacular sight to explore, as its dramatic limestone formations offer excellent opportunities for striking and vivid diver shots.

Captivating Portrait Shots at Coral Gardens & Big Bear

As you swim out and exit the Coral Gardens towards the chimney, look to your left to discover an incredibly intriguing triangular hole. This hole, located just below the surface, captures natural light and creates a stunning background for scuba divers to capture their portraits. Gozo diving site enthusiasts state that this is one of the best spots, if not the best site for taking head and shoulder portrait shots. Not only does this location present an excellent photo opportunity, but it is also an exhilarating spot to get a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Ideal Skill Level

Coral Gardens & Big Bear is a bucket-list site that many scuba divers dream of exploring. However, it is a dive site that is recommended to advanced open water divers. Scuba diving enthusiasts need to have a significant amount of practicing and experience scuba diving in rougher water with currents, as the site can have strong surface currents.
In conclusion, Coral Gardens & Big Bear is an astonishing dive site that has something to offer for everyone who loves scuba diving in Gozo. From dramatic limestone formations, a stunning array of marine life, to great opportunities for outstanding diver portrait shots, this dive site is a must-visit for all advanced open water divers.
Coral Gardens & Big Bear