Coral Gardens & Big Bear

Coral Gardens

and Big Bear is located the west coast of Gozo, in Dwejra. To start the dive, you will swim out through the arch at the Blue Hole entry.  After passing the arch, head to the left until you reach a fissure. This near-vertical wall starting at 23 meters and one diver-wide natural chimney ascends vertically through the rock to a ledge at 12 meters then widens to open up fully at around 6 meters. Just ahead and to the left is a shallow amphitheater of limestone (Coral Gardens) which is great for dramatic light diver shots.

To Big Bear

As you exit the coral gardens back towards the chimney, look up to the left. There is a triangular hole just below the surface that is great for framing head and shoulder diver portrait shots. This is probably the best spot of all Gozo diving sites to get a shallow water diver portrait with available light with a beautiful foreground to frame the image.

Minimum level is Advanced Open Water diver.