Tec CCR Courses

Dive Systems offers all technical training levels for Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diving.

We are lucky to have a CCR team offering different languages and expertise. Dive Systems prides itself in having the latest CCR equipment to make your course an experience of a lifetime.

Update September, 2019 – Due to the worldwide helium shortage, we had to increase our prices. All Trimix courses are involved a surcharge from now, new official prices will be updated soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Tec Closed Circuit (CCR) Courses  
TDI CCR LEVEL 1: Air Diluent Diver€925Go diving
TDI CCR LEVEL 1: Air Diluent Diver or Helitrox Diver€1050Go diving
TDI CCR LEVEL 2: Mixed Gas CCR Diver (Normoxic 60m) €1000Go diving
TDI CCR LEVEL 3: Advanced Mixed Gas CCR (Hypoxic)€1050Go diving