Technical Dive Packages

Join our experienced instructors to see some of the best Tec dive sites in the Mediterranean around Malta, Gozo, Comino and Filfla. (Filfla is a protected area which requires special permission.)

Tec Diving in Malta is excellent as most dives are easily accessible from shore, with depths which cater for all Tec levels and easily reach 90m. We also offer an array of boat dive sites, especially deep wrecks all around the islands. Furthermore in cooperation with Heritage Malta, we add “new” wrecks to the list to dive every year.

Dive Systems offers safe storage facilities for all your equipment while you dive with us.

Base prices are for Tec guided shore dives in Malta which include road transport, dive guide, 2 stages, twinset/rebreather tanks/sidemount tanks and weights.
However prices do not include full kit, & gases or supplements.

If you are interested in a full diving holiday package including accommodation and airport transfers, see our latest offers.

September 2019 – Due to the latest worldwide helium shortages, unfortunately we had to increase our helium prices. Sorry for the inconveniences


Accompanied Tec Diving in Malta

Tec Dive Packages  
1 day single tec dive€80Go diving
2 days single tec dive€150Go diving
3 days single tec dive€219Go diving
4 days single tec dive€284Go diving
5 days single tec dive€350Go diving
Additional 2nd dive on the same day€25

Accompanied Tec Diving Supplements

Full kit (2 main regs, 2 stage regs, wing and harness)€30.00/dive
Drysuit Bottle with reg€5.00
Night dive (including torch & batteries)€15.00
Day trip to Gozo (road & ferry - shore dives)€25.00
Single Hard Boat Dive (minimum 6 pax)€50.00
Single Hard Boat Dive, long distance (minimum 6 pax)€60.00
Boat charter, for less than six diversPrice on request
Tec Gear (only rented to client taking a course or on guided dives) 
Main regulator€7.00
Stage regulator€5.00
Wing & Harness€15.00
Reel & SMB€5.00
Digital Depth Gauge/Computer€5.00
Twin 10 ltrs€12.00
Twin 12 ltrs€14.00
Stage Ali 80 (11.2 liter aluminium)€7.00
Stage 7 liter (Steel)€6.00
Rebreather tanks 2/3 liters€5.00
Dry suit tanks with regulator(1 liter) (35 EUR deposit)€5.00
Budget Pack (2 main regs, 2 stage regs, wing & harness)€30.00
CCR unit (for length of course)€250.00
Air mixes, Blending Rates and SorbCost
Helium (per litre)€0.06
O2 (per litre)€0.01
Sofnolime per kg€9.00
Southwold Bow€6.00
Southwold stern€6.00
B-24 Liberator€12.00
JU88 South€12.00
Douglas Skyraider€12.00
HMS Russell€12.00
Trusty Star€12.00
Maryland Bomber€15.00
ORP Kujawiak (L72)€35.00
HMS Olympus€35.00

We add the supplements at the dive center according to your dive plan. Feel free to ask about them at any time.

Full kit rental is available and includes 2 main regs, 2 stage regs, wing and harness. (Individual items are available for rent. See Tec rental prices.)

Click here to see a list of Tec dive sites in Malta.