Technical diving in Malta

There are many great technical diving destination around the world, and Malta is definitely one of them!

Let’s see what this little rock can offer you!

All Year Season

Malta has nice weather all year around, therefore we never stop diving! The coldest sea temperature is 15 Celsius, and even in winter when we can have more wind, it rarely happens, that we can not dive somewhere.

Trimix wreck diving is a bit limited in winter due to most boats are out, but we can organise interesting dives for You!

Wrecks, wrecks, wrecks

Besides the artificial wrecks around 30-40 m, which are available from shore, Malta offers a wide range of trimix wreck diving as well. Next to the well known classics as the Le PolynesienHMS SouthwoldSchnellbootHeritage Malta adds new sites every year.

The new available wrecks as HMS NasturtiumHMS Oakley (aka ORP Kujawiak), HMS Olympus, the Trusty Star giving you new options so it is always worth to come back for the next visit. We will keep updating our website with the newly available wrecks.

Technical diving courses

Our experienced tec instructors offering courses from entry level to full trimix, open circuit and CCR (JJ, X-CCR, AP, rEvo, Liberty). We teach in TDI and PADI systems. Sidemount courses, TDI Advanced Wreck, and PADI Tec Instructor courses are also available. Meet our Tec Team who can accommodate all your needs getting the next level in your technical diving career.

Fully equipped dive center

Dive Systems Malta has all what you need when you come for technical diving! Our boat Simo is just getting a revamp, and a lift, to make your dive even more comfortable. We have 11 and 7 lt stages, twinsets, 2 and 3 lt CCR tanks, drysuit bottles available for rent. DPVs are also available, and the center has safe storage for all your stuff. Our fully equipped dive store ensures you will not miss a dive because something is missing or have a small issue with your kit.

3 compressors, continuous flow and partial pressure blending options are available, therefore we can mix the gas according to Your dive plan.

Tec dive week

Would you like to go for a trip, but your friends are not available? Or you just got into tec and don’t have a group or club to organise trip together? No problem! Book the Tec Week, where you can come individually, or just with your buddy and we arrange the rest. This case you share the cost of the boat and have a fun week! We will have normoxic and hypoxic week as well.