Rebreather courses in Malta

Dive Systems offers all technical training levels for Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diving.

We teach on X-CCR, JJ, AP, rEvo, Liberty, Horizon rebreathers, furthermore we can organise instructor level courses as well. You can buy your unit through us, contact us for prices and available CCR rebreathers.

At Dive Systems all technical dive instructors are experienced, it is important for us to ensure your training meets the highest standards. Our CCR team offering different languages and expertise. Dive Systems prides itself in having the latest CCR equipment to make your course an experience of a lifetime.

Take your CCR course in Malta with us!

Update September, 2019 – Due to the worldwide helium shortage, we had to increase our prices. All Trimix courses are involved a surcharge from now, new official prices will be updated soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Tec Closed Circuit (CCR) Courses  
TDI CCR LEVEL 1: Air Diluent Diver or Helitrox Diver€1200Go diving
TDI CCR LEVEL 2: Mixed Gas CCR Diver (Normoxic 60m) €1400Go diving
TDI CCR LEVEL 3: Advanced Mixed Gas CCR (Hypoxic)€1600Go diving