PADI Hypoxic Trimix Course


This is for divers who took Tec Trimix 65 and are looking to be able to dive deeper using Hypoxic Trimix.

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Product Description

PADI Hypoxic Trimix course is an upgrade for those divers who have taken the Trimix 65 course but want to extend their depth limits to ‘full Trimix’.

This course will give you the ability to dive to 90 metres/245 feet using various trimix blends, air, enriched air and oxygen using open circuit technical diving equipment. The course covers the cognitive and motor skills required for technical trimix diving. You will prepare to handle the hazards and risks of technical diving in general and Trimix diving in particular. Learn more about procedures required for deep diving as well as planning and preparing these dives. The PADI Hypoxic Trimix  course also covers ways to manage reasonably foreseeable emergencies that may occur in this type of technical diving.

We recommend to have some extra days planned, just in case of bad weather we can not dive a day we won’t get short on time.

  • If you did Tec 65 more than 3 months ago or with another dive center, a skill check dive is mandatory
  • Plan and execute three dives using EANx and Trimix blends to minimum 75 maximum of 90m
  • Use decompression software to create custom dive tables and dive plans

No limits, once qualified. It is your responsibility to extend your experience and comfort limits slowly.


Minimum 4 days


18 years or older
Certified PADI Tec 65 Diver or equivalent
Minimum of 150 logged dives.
Obtain a valid diving medical statement signed by a physician within a year


Hire of twinset, stages and weights, gases (as per our gas outline), instructor, land transport to dive sites and certification card

Due to the increased Helium prices we have different price if the course is one-to-one or two-to-one. Please contact us for availability and already running Trimix courses in order to get better price on the course. Maximum ratio is 2 student per instructor.


Manuals, logbook, other personal Tec equipment (regulators, wing and harness, suit, fins etc)  and dive supplements (Boat, Gozo trip, Historical wreck licences) To see all supplements please click here


PADI Trimix Crew Pack (Not included in course price)

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