PADI Master Scuba Diver Course

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The highest recreational diving certification from PADI. A special combi price for the Rescue Diver course with 5 specialities.

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Product Description

The PADI Master Scuba Diver is the highest ranking a recreational non-professional diver can pursue! One cannot buy this rating, but must obtain it through merit.

Once all the courses below are complete, we will pay the application fee for you for free! In order to obtain this elite rating, a diver has to complete the following courses: Rescue Diver, Emergency First Responder, in addition to five specialities. In this offer, we have included the following speciality courses: Deep, Wreck, Boat or DPV, Enriched Air (Dry), and Emergency Oxygen Provider


Once you complete the following certifications, you’ll be a PADI Master Scuba Diver – the highest rating for recreational diving in PADI.

The PADI Rescue Diver course will enable you to help yourself or others as you discover ways to not only deal with situations, but to recognise and prevent potential problems. Your increased confidence will take your enjoyment of diving to a new level. The Rescue Diver course not only is required for the Master Scuba Diver rating but also to the entry level courses of a dive professional (Divemaster) or the entry levels of Tec diving courses.

The EFR course is recognised in over 80 countries and conforms to internationally recognised First Aid standards.

Get certified up to 40m with the PADI Deep Diver speciality course.

The PADI Wreck Diver speciality course enables you to penetrate wrecks safely.

Take the PADI Boat Diver speciality course helps you understand better the different layouts of different boats, know what safety features one should look out for on a boat, furthermore understand the terminology used on these vessels in order to understand better the different ways one can dive from a boat.

You may also choose to get a ticket to the fast lane with the PADI DPV speciality course?instead of Boat Diver Speciality.

The PADI Enriched Air speciality course allows you to dive longer and staying within no decompression limits, hence diving safer. This certification enables you to use Nitrox tanks up to 40% O2.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider course allows you to know how to recognise illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen and to provide aid.


9-10 days


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent

Minimum age 15 for Rescue Diver

Before starting the Rescue Diver course, it is necessary that you have completed an Emergency First Response course within the last 24 months, or an equivalent ?accepted? certification including primary care (CPR) and secondary care (First Aid).

50 logged dives to receive the rating. You will get 12 dives through the listed courses, if you don’t have enough to receive the rating yet, don’t worry. You can take the courses and receive the rating once you have completed the dives.

Junior divers can also achieve Junior Master Scuba Diver rating, ask us for more details (certain specialities have age limits)


Hire of basic equipment needed, instructor, land transport to dive sites & certification cards


PADI Rescue Diver E-Learning

E-Learning for EFR, Wreck, Deep, Boat/ DPV, Enriched Air, Emergency O2 Provider specialities

Pocket mask

(When you sign up for the E-Learning, we will e-mail you a code so you can begin immediately!

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