The wreck of the P29 sits upright at a depth of 33 meters with the top part at 21 meters. To get to the wreck from the shore, enter from the stairs into the natural alcove of Susie’s Pool. This is an easy entry point even if there is some swell because you can wade in and hold to the stainless steel railings into waist-deep water.

Descend in the bay and head west direction, to reach the P29. Watch out for current which may affect your navigation. To find this wreck, some local knowledge is required, it is easy to miss it if you divert either direction. In summer there is a marker buoy on top of the ship, one can use it as bearing.

If diving from a boat, you should anchor directly on top of the wreck and deploy a shot line. Be aware of the divers below!

This is a wreck for Advanced Open water divers. Technical divers also can enjoy this wreck since there are many option to penetrate all the way through. As a technical dive you can combine this wreck with the Tugboat Rozi into one dive.

Wreck History

The P29 is a 51 meter Kondor class patrol boat that was purposefully scuttled on 14 August 2007 for divers and as an artificial reef to encourage the fish population to grow. The 52 meter ship was built by Peenewerft shipyard as a minesweeper for the East German navy and later served with the Armed Forces of Malta for over 12 years as a patrol boat. Both engines were removed and all contaminates were stripped from the entire ship for environmental safety before the sinking.