The HMS Hellespont paddle steamer had a bollard pull of 10 tons with a 1250 IHP and a compliment of 17 men. The wreck lies at a depth of 41 meters off the Grand Harbor. It was first discovered by a team of divers on 15 May 1999. The ship is intact except for 15 meters which were destroyed and is missing from the wreck.

Wreck History:

The HMS Hellespont was built by Earle Shipbuilding Co. and launched on 10 May 1910. It was based at Haulbowline Dockyard in Queenstown Ireland until 1922. It came to Malta in 1922 and was damaged by Italian aircraft during the Second World War on 7 September 1940 and was never repaired but laid up at Sheer Bastion (Macina). After the war she was lifted by camels and dumped off the Grand Harbor.

The Dive

This is a boat dive where you will descend and ascend using reference line. Because of her depth, minimum Deep Diver specialist or Tec 40 certification required.