Equipment Rental

Basic EquipmentUnaccompaniedAccompanied
Regulator Set€6.00€3.00
Full Suit (2 piece)€6.00€3.00
Fins adjustable€3.00€1.50
Fins closed€2.00€1.00
Mask & Snorkel€3.00€1.50
Belt & Weights€3.00€1.50
Budget Pack*€20.00€10.00
Other equipmentUnaccompaniedAccompanied
Torch (including batteries)€7.00€5.00
Digital U/W Camera€20.00€10.00
Camera, Strobe, Lens€40.00€20.00
SMB & Reel€7.00€5.00
O2 Kit€30.00
Tanks 200 BAR 
2 or 3 or 5 ltr€5.00
7 or 10 ltr€6.00
12 ltr€7.00
15 ltr€8.00
18 ltr€9.00
Twin 10 ltrs€12.00
Twin 12 ltrs€14.00
Tanks Packages (Per Person) 
60 Cylinder Refills (Max 15 ltrs)€230.00
60 Cylinder Refills (Max 18 ltrs)€250.00
60 Cylinder Hire€330.00
Lifting Bags 
<500 Kg€10.00
500 Kg€15.00
1000 Kg€25.00
Tec Gear (only rented to client taking a course or on guided dives) 
Main regulator€7.00
Stage regulator€5.00
Wing & Harness€15.00
Reel & SMB€5.00
Digital Depth Gauge/Computer€5.00
Stage Ali 80 (11.2 liter aluminium)€7.00
Stage 7 liter (Alu)€6.00
Rebreather tanks 2/3 liters€5.00
Dry suit tanks with regulator(1 liter) (35 EUR deposit)€5.00
Budget Pack (2 main regs, 2 stage regs, wing & harness)€35.00
CCR unit (per day)€100.00

conditions of hire

Equipment should be returned on the same day, unless special arrangements are made and will be charged for whether used or not.
A form of guarantee (such as passport) and/or deposit may be required.