Air refills / gas blending

Dive Systems has three compressors with a production capability of almost 2000 liters per minute and has banking facilities of over 640 liters of air at 300 bar.

Dive Systems has its air checked regularly to ensure the best air quality possible. We can fill air, nitrox, or trimix cylinders to 200, 230 or 300 bars. At the dive center we have water tank to prevent metal stress and to get the best possible air fills.

For dive cylinder refill service please make sure your tank has proof of hydro test within 5 years and Visual Inspection within one year.

Tank Size200 bar300 bar
< 10 liters€3.50€4.50
10 liters€4.00€5.00
12 liters€4.50€5.50
15 liters€5.00€6.00
18 liters€5.50€6.50
10 liter twinset€7.00€9.00
12 liter twinset€8.00€10.00
Air mixes, Blending Rates and SorbCost
Helium (per litre)€0.06
O2 (per litre)€0.01
Sofnolime per kg€9.00
Sofnolime 20kg tub€150.00
Intersorb per kg€7.00