Accommodation voucher scheme 2021

Tourists booking accommodation at a five-star hotel directly through the hotel’s booking system will receive a €100 handout from the Malta Tourism Authority.

Those opting for a four-star hotel will receive €75, while three-star hotel accommodation booked directly through the hotel will come with a €50 payment.

Hotels that wish to participate in the scheme will first have to declare their interest with the Malta Tourism Authority.

The handout will then be matched by each hotel, which means tourists who stay at a five-star hotel will ultimately be entitled to €200, tourists who stay at a four-star hotel will receive up to €150, and tourists who stay at a three-star hotel will be entitled to €100.

The money will be handed out to tourists directly by the hotel. To be eligible for the scheme tourists must book a minimum of three days.

Let’s make this another good summer!
This offer applies only to direct booking with hotels. Can not apply our package offers.


To book accommodation for groups (over 6 persons) please contact us for rates.

Also, you can look up which hotel do you prefer. We suggest booking your place in the surrounding area since the traffic in the morning can be hectic.

The search below will show you accommodation on closest to Dive Systems in the Sliema/St. Julian’s area, the holiday centre of Malta.